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Strathnairn Highland Fold breeds Fullblood Highland cattle. (Site updated 26 July 2016)

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Set on 35 acres, Strathnairn Highland Fold is nestled peacefully in the beautiful Longbush Valley, located in the Wairarapa, 12 minutes from Martinborough village. We sell stunning:

  • Highland hide rugs, each a unique piece of art from a brushed and well cared for animal,
  • Highland horns, beautifully set against white bone and prepared for wall mounting, and
  • live Highland calves and cattle to breeders and lifestylers wanting highest quality genetics as well as disposition and conformation. 

We know and spend time with our animals and we use only the best genetics sourced from New Zealand and overseas so we uphold the traditional characteristics of this majestic and historic Highland breed.

Our Fullblood Highland cattle have coats that are thick, horns that are magnificent, and they are placid, hardy and true to the Highland breed standard. The hide rugs we produce take the legend of the breed to your floor. Call us to arrange to see hide rugs we have in stock.

Our cattle are registered (or could be registered) with the New Zealand Highland Cattle Society (NZHCS) and their registration is published in the NZHCS herd book, the only NZ Highland cattle herd book recognised by:

Highland cattle societies worldwide including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

This gives us, and you, absolute assurance of true pedigree, high quality breeding, authenticity, and registration.

If required, our cattle can be registered in other herd books. We encourage breeders to consider NZHCS registration.  Follow this link to the NZ Highland Cattle Society web site and find out more about how to get involved with these great animals.

Please enjoy our website and our cattle as much as we do.

Paul Simpson and Alex de Liefde